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Everyday Science: Model Lessons II

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Since January 12, 2018 I have been running the US Embassy’s Book Bus teacher empowerment program Everyday Science: Learn, To Teach; Teach, To Learn.

I promised the participants that I would share, online, most of what I shared with them in the workshops, that I would share them in the form of blog posts. This is the fifth one. (Click here for the blog post Everyday Science: Learn, To Teach; Teach, To Learn in which you can find links to all the blog post about the workshops.)

  • Click here for a PDF version of the PowerPoint presentation on the activity where they inverted a conical flask over a burning candle in a plastic trough.

I have performed the demonstration to my students in the past, and have even assigned a task about it to MYP Year 4 students as well as to IB Diploma students. Obviously, the task for the Diploma student is a lot more challenging than that for MYP Year 4 sudents.

Here’s what the quick experiment looked like.

The second part of the workshop, I had them play Mastermind, the board game! Science requires the use of reason and logic, and Mastermind is no different. You can find the details of why and how I used the board game with my class in the past check out Modelling…Without the Catwalk.

Once again, I had them provide anonymous reflections. One of the first questions in the sheet asks them to rate the session and provide a reason(s) for the rating.

Here’s how the participants rated the session and their reasons.

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