The Ultimate Game: Ultimate Frisbee in Lilongwe

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Since leaving Nepal for the first time in 1988, in addition to pursuing further education and an international teaching career around the world, I also played Ultimate Frisbee!

I started playing the sport at Grinnell College when I discovered that I could throw a mean forehand! Until I got into the sport, my favorite had been footbal (soccer), a sport I had grown up with and really enjoyed playing. But I injured my right ankle playing it, also at Grinnell. Unable to continue with it, I started playing Ultimate Frisbee considerably more and that became my sport of choice!

Playing the game in as diverse countries as the US, Malawi, Norway, Azerbaijan, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Qatar and Nepal, I also met a diverse group of people and made a lot of friends too!!

This is a glimpse into Ultimate Frisbee in Lilongwe, Malawi, in Southern Africa, where I spent three years.

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