“It’s Not You, It’s Me!”

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autopilot comment from ex-QAFollowing my response to the above comment, I realized that there maybe others with similar — or other — grips about my writings and/or the way I have been dealing with the issues surrounding the ordeal.

So, I decided a blog post around the comment and my response was in order.

To begin with, the ex-QA staff — whose identity I don’t know — posted the comment under both Qatar…From Afar: The (Un) expected and Qatar…From Afar: Autopilot. (Follow the link to Autopilot to see the text message the comment refers to.)

Lacking in sufficient knowledge about and, here in Nepal, lacking in guidance for and support with how to deal with everything associated with the ordeal and its aftermath, I have been following my intuition, gut feelings and what has felt “right” and appropriate. With everything I have done, I have followed my own timeline, whether it be writing about it — the best decision I made — or doing something else.

So, when this comment came through, I held off responding until I felt I was ready. (Incidentally, I don’t respond to every comment.) And ready I was — more than seven months later — after I had made presentations in Hong Kong in early December and published the most recent post in the series. (If you follow the links and watch one of the embedded videos and/or read the post, you’ll understand what I mean.)

response to autopilot commentThe administrator was my go-to person, heavily involved in my preparation for departure from Qatar (referred to as PC and “another administrator” respectively in the two posts), hence the individual figuring so prominently in blog posts about the ordeal. I never had — nor do I have — anything personal against this colleague of course. That colleague could have been anyone!

If even after reading the response to the comment and watching one of the videos of my presentation in Hong Kong and/or reading the last blog post in series, you still feel that I am causing you sadness — or offending your sensibilities — by unfairly characterizing you and/or your friends or colleagues…or you still feel that I seem to NOT be aware of your and/or those of your friends’ and acquaintances’ contributions to the Free Dorje Gurung campaign…or you still feel that I am NOT giving proper credit and recognition to your and/or your friends’ and acquaintances’ contributions to the Free Dorje Gurung campaign…or you still feel that the thankfulness and gratitude I have expressed so far is — for whatever reason — insufficient…I don’t know what to say apart from to say that I have only my apologies.

If, however, you have understood everything in this post…if you have understood that “It’s not you, it’s me,” then you probably also know what I am saying! (I am not asking to “break up” or sever ties with you for instance! 🙂 )



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