Dolpa Students: If I Did…Why Not You?

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Dolpa a very remote district West of my district Mustang, not surprisingly, is also culturally and geographically similar to ours. The indigenous population, especially those in Dolpo — an area within Dolpa — are also ethnic Tibetan, just like us from Mustang.

One of my motivations and drives to achieve academic and professional success was to be a role model to the ethnic Tibetans in Mustang specifically and thus help the next generation break out of the stereotype and mold of Bhote, a term used to refer to ethnic Tibetans. It comes with a whole slew of negative connotations.

What I have also hoped is that I would be a role model to other Tibetans in general as well. To that end, since returning to Nepal, I have been interested in speaking to — and inspiring — ethnic Tibetans. I had that opportunity earlier this month when I was invited to speak to children from Dolpa.

Here’s a video of that presentation. Enjoy!

(I had another opportunity for the same recently when I was invited to speak to the students at SMD Boarding School, which caters to children from the mountainous region of the country).

And if you are interested in the reaction of some of those who were there, click here.



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