Durbar High School Comes Down; What Will Go Up?

After a little over a three years since the earthquake struck and caused major damages to the oldest school in the country, Durbar High School, the oldest high school in the country, has been demolished.


Condemned for the entire time since the earthquake, the students have been studying under temporary structures. The reconstruction is slated to take 18 months. The article also states that the children will continue their education at a Temporary Learning Center (TLC) for another two years. Even if the structure is completed in the stipulated time, which I doubt it will, by that time the students’ education at temporary centers would have lasted over five years!

16000 school were damaged by the earthquake, almost half of the schools in the country! 5000 of those were destroyed. How many students in the country are in the same boat as Durbar High School? At least DHS is being rebuilt. According to this article published in February 2017,  and I quote, “The Ministry of Education (MoE) has no clue how the remaining schools—4,067 (51. 5 percent of the total destroyed)—will be reconstructed.”

A more recent report published in the ReliefWeb on April 9, 2018 says, and I quote, “reconstruction of school buildings, health institutions and government offices, among other facilities, seems to be going at a slow pace with the rebuilding process yet to start for significant numbers of such properties.” Yet another recent report by the same publication says, “Hundreds of thousands of children have been given education and protection support – but lack of funds means many schools still have to be repaired or replaced.”

How many children around the country have been suffering and will continue to suffering the same fate as the Durbar High School students? And for how much longer?

What do you think?


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