Some Light Magic at Sanskriti International School

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When I used to be a science teacher, I used to perform — for my students — what I used to call “Magic Shows.”

At Sanskriti International School on January 25, introducing the session Science Matters to their science teachers, I also performed some light magic to grab their attention and induce their interest in the materials. Being there to behold the magic show in all its glory would have been a lot of fun. Believe me it would have been!

Be that as it may, I give you the second best thing to being there: an audio recording of the show! 😀 😀 Hit the play button to listen to the almost hour-long show! Enjoy!

If you enjoyed that and want to learn more about what I did with the participants, click here. If you are a teacher and/or an administrator at a school in Nepal and would like me run my science teacher education program, email me at dorje[at]dorjegurung[dot]com or dorje[dot]gurung[at]gmail[dot]com.

Jan. 9, 2020 Update

Using the the audio recording of the session, some of the images from the PowerPoint slides accompanying the workshop, photos from the session itself as well as others, I made a video. If you would prefer that, here it is.

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