Of course, doing the right thing does NOT mean that things will go right for you. That is a given.

But one does what is right not because that will, or even might, necessarily ensure things go right for oneself…forget always. That’s part of life. One does what is right for its own sake — i.e. because its the right or ethical thing to do.

Most of my adult life — being educated in, living, working, and traveling around the world — that had mostly been a truism and therefore had not really been a major concern or issue…until I reached Qatar. There, I was thrown in jail for allegedly insulting Islam. What I had tried to do during the fateful event that led to my incarceration was doing the right thing as an educator: educating a few children about bigotry.

The last several years of living and working in Nepal, however, I have had to take a few steps back and re-evaluate all of that.

When left is right and right is left; when might is right and right is wrong; and when the wrong get their way and are held in high esteem, what is left?! I’ll tell you what is left…you are left with the country of Nepal!

I have discovered that pretty much all State set-up and run systems in the country — and many others — are corrupt to the core. The point of pretty much every single one of them appears to be…nefarious. One of their points is to exploit the citizens — especially the weak, the vulnerable, the poor, and the marginalized. Another is to enable those in positions of power and influence to plunder the resources of the country to enrich themselves. And still another is to assist them in their never-ending quest for power, no different from how it had always been before democracy was introduced in 1990.

So, forget doing what is right in Nepal for its own sake. Of course, forget about things GENERALLY turning out — or going — right for you if you do what is right, especially when that involves a number of different actors and/or systems, such as the legal system. Doing the right thing can easily turn out to be the stupid thing to do.

There have been even instances and contexts where doing what is right or insisting on what is right could have ended up with me holding the wrong end of the stick, as it were! Worse, doing the right thing can very easily end up with you suffering…greatly, something, I am sure, many Nepalis have discovered again and again and again, even from one generation to the next!

As a matter of fact, systems, attitudes, and values are incredibly topsy-turvy here! If one is able to get something — or get somewhere in life, or accomplish something — through “source-force” (“money and/or connection”), that is by bucking the system, for many it’s a source of pride and something to brag about. Many actually view that as ACTUALLY worthy of praise, adulation, and emulation!

The following FB post by a friend perfectly encapsulates that.

Here’s a translation of the bit in Nepali.

Something one hears here and there:

“So what if s/he took bribes, a Nepali took them! Besides, he didn’t selfishly take bribes only for himself/herself, s/he also ensured other also got their cut, took bribes with glee making sure everyone else got their share — set many up for life. S/he uplifted many. S/he left after winning a debt of gratitude from those s/he was supposed to have. Who would one show adulation for if not for such an mazing individual?! One who quietly takes bribes for himself/herself? That’s worse.”

(A song playing somewhere in the neighborhood: “This impossible-to-fathom life of a human, more vast than life itself is this mind of our own Nepali brothers.”)

But then of course, like I said in a response to the tweet below, “In Nepal, pride is the new shame!”

What do you think?


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The Kathmandu Post (May 11, 2021). Prohibitory orders in Valley extended until May 27. National projects never finish on time. Often they overshoot and then overshoot and then overshoot…. What I mean is, they keep extending the deadline multiple times. The most ludicrous one completed recently was Melamchi Drinking water project for Kathmandu. It took 25 years!! Anyway, they still call such projects of shame “National Pride” projects! [Added May 12, 2021.]

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