Blog post about Science teacher education program I am running and write-up about my experience working with teachers in Nepal.

Science Teacher Education: The Program

I have a Science Teacher Education program. Depending on the needs of the school, I can either hold interactive workshops on how to impart higher level thinking skills or hold interactive workshops on teaching the content of the prescribed textbook a little differently, a little more effectively using local resources, the teachers themselves, as well as the students.

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Back to Teaching…But Teachers This Time

I am back..into teaching. This time teaching teachers in Nepal instead of international students abroad. I figured educating teachers in Nepal on how to impart critical thinking skills on student might have a bigger impact than teaching students at one school. If you are interested in having me be involved in teacher education at your school, let me know!

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IEF 2018: Read To Lead

Reading makes a huge different in people's lives. Reading to babies and toddlers makes a huge impact on their academic achievements later on as well as in the their adult life. Children who read, on average, lead children who don't academically. Adults who read, for example, on average have been found to live longer than those who don't etc.

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