EdufreeNepal Campaign: Day 1

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It was about 24 hours ago that Education is Freedom-Nepal fundraising campaign went live with me posting it on Facebook--at 8:48 am, Nepali time, May 26 to be precise. Fig. 1. Broadcasting Education is Freedom-Nepal campaign on Facebook. I am thrilled to report that we have already raised over $4500 with contributions from 27 friends…

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Fundraising Campaign

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The fundraising campaign is live. Here's the link: Please share liberally (and donate of course!)!

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Ins And Outs of SLC: A Sorry Story

Secondary school education in Nepal consists of committing to memory model questions and answers in order to pass SLC (School Leaving Certificate) examination. Everything, from resources to what happens in the classroom and outside is geared towards the students rote learning the materials. And after all that, half of those who take the SLC, fail!

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SLC: The Ticket That Isn’t

SLC (School Leaving Certificate) examination results are very very poor. About half of all 16-18 year-olds fail the exam. With no options for a decent life and future, a large number of these students end-up leaving the country as migrant workers.

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