Cold Fronts

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What does the way the country has treated the earthquake victims of the April 25 tell us about the State of Nepal and about the worth of the people of Nepal?

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NYC: Education for Freedom

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Education is for freedom: freedom from the constraints of having to think, having to subscribe to attitudes and having to behave in ways dictated by the culture and society one is born into (whether in Nepal or elsewhere); freedom from the socioeconomic shackles one is born into if born into a low socioeconomic context in countries like Nepal and others.

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The Good, The Bad, and The Untouchables

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We have two untouchables in Nepal: the ones most others don't want to touch and the ones most others can't touch! A lone man of conviction and principle is trying a group who fall in the latter camp putting his life on the line!

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Where Everything Goes, Anything Goes, And Nothing Goes

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A day-by-day account of my dealing with a few government offices in Nepal trying to get an official paper way back in 1999. In other words, this is all about the farce that is the Nepalese bureaucracy.

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Sumargi or Kumargi? (Part II)

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Sumargi means "someone on the right path," and Kumargi, "someone on the wrong path." Sumargi is the name of the central character in both the stories. This is a follow-up to the story of someone who goes by the name of Sumargi and his deeds.

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