The Elephant in The Room

Nepali society struggles to make social progress for a number of different reasons. One of the reasons is that we have a number of social stigmas and many subjects and issues are taboo. In other words, most Nepalis live in denial of many issues plaguing the society. Here are a number of those stigmas and taboo subjects.

The first step to addressing them is to admit to the fact that they are issues. Then we can have honest conversations and discourses about them and find solutions for them.

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Pro-life Christians Undermine Law of The Country

Before abortion was legalized in Nepal in 2002, "up to one-fifth of incarcerated women were convicted of abortion-related crimes" and "more than half of maternal deaths during the one-year study period [was attributed] to abortion-related complications."

Now we have a pro-life Christian organization with 32K strong volunteers, and hospitals run by a Christian organization most likely staffed by also conservative pro-life Christian doctors who follow their religion's narrow dictates when it comes to abortion.

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Nepali Man’s Argument: If You “Sexually Provoke” a Man, You Are Responsible If Raped

The combination of a highly patriarchal society and an abysmally poor quality of education in Nepal means that boys and men view girls and women as inferior and treat them as such. One such example is viewing them as the culpable party for when they become victims of violence, as happened on social media over an incident involving the rape of an Australian woman by a Nepali man.

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Intersex, Women, Men and Nepal

In the highly patriarchal Nepali society with very low level -- as well as low quality -- of education of the population, maintaining the status quo benefits the hill high caste Hindu men, the social, economic and political elite.

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