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This edition of the series is a compilation covering the period between March 24 and July 21, the two months Nepal was under lockdown in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus. They therefore represent the manly Nepali men of the Zoom webinars. 

To reproduce something I stated in the last four blog posts in the series, Hall of Shame IHall of Shame IIHall of Shame III, Hall of Shame IV, and Hall of Shame V… 

Nepal needs a revolution…

a revolution of the mind!

Here’s more evidence for partly why.

This final one added by another user under the above tweet.

I sometimes still wonder how many–especially men–in Nepal are as embarrassed by those photos as I am. Probably not a significant percentage and that’s why we need a revolution of the mind in our country!

Are you embarrassed? If you are let me know below. If you aren’t, let me know too!

What do you think?

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