#LifeEh: On the Question of Women…

The pronoun you use in Nepali to address a fellow Nepali can be an indicator of the level of closeness to the person. Curiously enough but not really surprisingly I have discovered that I don't really have a single Nepali woman who I can say I am really close to, no one I am very informal in pronoun and/or the language I use.

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Hall of Shame V

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The fifth one in the series about Nepal needing a revolution…a revolution of the mind.
Here’s more of one of many MANY reasons why.

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Kathmandu Post: “How Abnormal is Normal?”

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Sex, we are born with. Gender, however, is a social construct. Except, in Nepali society, that simple fact is NOT very well understood, mainly because of our very patriarchal and misogynistic society, and abysmally poor quality of education. But here's an opportunity for you to challenge and question your Nepali-culture inculcated ideas of what constitutes the female gender.

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Intersex, Women, Men and Nepal

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In the highly patriarchal Nepali society with very low level -- as well as low quality -- of education of the population, maintaining the status quo benefits the hill high caste Hindu men, the social, economic and political elite.

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