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To reproduce something I stated in the last four blog posts in the series, Hall of Shame I, Hall of Shame II, Hall of Shame III, and Hall of Shame IV:

Nepal needs a revolution…

a revolution of the mind!

Here’s more evidence for partly why.

I sometimes still wonder how many–especially men–in Nepal are as embarrassed by those photos as I am. Probably not a significant percentage and that’s why we need a revolution of the mind in our country!

Are you embarrassed? If you are let me know below. If you aren’t, let me know too!

What do you think?

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  1. Khechar Nath Acharya

    पित्रीशतात्कम साेच बाट ग्रसित समाज र राज्यमा नीति नियम बने पनि व्यवहारमा सधै सबै स्थानमा पुरूष नै अगाडी अाउँछन् । शिक्षा र राेजगारी अनि निर्णायक तहमा महिला पुगे पछि िवस्तार महिला पुरूषकाे अर्थपूर्ण सहभागिता हाेला ।

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