#LifeEh: Coming Full Circle

Another #LifeEh observation. This one about how I did everything I could to leave behind, "escape" from, and rise above the yoke of the Bhote label...only to return to Nepal as a middle-aged man after spending pretty much all my adult life abroad studying, working, and traveling just to discover I have come full circle!

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Pro-life Christians Undermine Law of The Country

Before abortion was legalized in Nepal in 2002, "up to one-fifth of incarcerated women were convicted of abortion-related crimes" and "more than half of maternal deaths during the one-year study period [was attributed] to abortion-related complications."

Now we have a pro-life Christian organization with 32K strong volunteers, and hospitals run by a Christian organization most likely staffed by also conservative pro-life Christian doctors who follow their religion's narrow dictates when it comes to abortion.

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USA: A Rigged System For The Benefit of The Rich?

November 8, 2012: it had just been two days since the re-election of President Obama in the US. That day, I shared, on Facebook, how who is in the White House doesn't make a real difference to the US and the world. I argued that regardless of who is in that House in Washington DC, because the systems in place are completely rigged and those who control, run, and enforce them are corrupt, a significant percentage of the American and world population will continue to suffer.

Here's a reproduction of that Facebook post and the interesting discussion I had underneath it with friends, interesting especially now since the election of Trump to the same office!

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