In a Hurry…To be Late

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Traffic in Kathmandu is beyond bad! It's absurd...but then what system in Nepal isn't?! I have decided that one of the ways of dealing and coping with it is to make jokes and laugh about it. (The other option is to go mad, go crazy!) Here are two jokes Jerry Seinfeld might crack about it.

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Travel: Small Talk…Nothing Biggie

Travel: Small Talk…Nothing Biggie
One of things I am struggling with returning to the US has been getting used to serving portions. Thanks to the Rosenfield Program, Grinnell College group I had dinner at Rube's Steakhouse last Thursday. What you see is the result of my attempt at eating a T-bone steak there. The one I picked was the smallest T-bone steak they had. (You pick your own steak and barbecue yourself as well, which was a lot of fun.) And, though the placement of cutlery and the remaining food on the right might indicate otherwise, I was done!

My observations of the US based on my three-week experience in the country, visiting it for the first time in over ten years!

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Social Justice: Caste Away

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Your birth as anything (class, caste, race, nationality etc.) or with any trait (skin color etc.) considered to be a characteristic of an inferior human being is not shameful. YOU HAD NO CHOICE IN THAT!

It's those that view and interpret that as such and make you suffer for it who are shameful: THEY HAVE A CHOICE IN THEIR VIEW OF, THEIR ATTITUDE TOWARDS AND THEIR TREATMENT OF YOU!

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