Nepalese Constitution 2072: Discriminatory Citizenship Rights (Nepali version)

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There is no two questions about Nepal being a highly patriarchal society.

Economic and gender equality being one of the three main passions of mine — education and social justice being the other two — I have written many blog posts about how Nepal, not unlike many other countries I have lived in and visited, has been and continues to be a country by men, for men, at the expenses of not just the girls and women, but also at the country’s and the men’s! I have also spoken about it at a number of different venues.

Apart from poverty and our culture and tradition making life very very difficult for girls and women, driving an unhealthy number of them to choose death over life, the constitution promulgated last year on September 20, blatantly discriminates against women on the rights to pass on citizenship to children.

Reproduced below are a series of informative and very well made Nepali version of the info-graphs produced by Supriya Manandhar and her friends, about the provision, which originally appeared on Imgur. I am reproducing them here with permission from Supriya.

Versions in other languages spoken in the country are on the way. After all, according to the 2011 census report, less than half — 44.6% — of the population speak Nepali as mother tongue.

(For the English version, click here.)

The following Al Jazeera video made by my friend Subina features a Constituent Assembly member who justifies the discriminatory provision by saying:

“Citizenship system in principal and practice is not the same in every country. It depends on the circumstances, legal provision and geopoliticis of different countries. So there should be no question at all how the Nepali people and Nepali state adopts the legal provision. There is no universal principle applicable to all countries.”

Sharing the video on Facebook, to clarify what he meant, I had commented:

“What he means by “Nepali people” above is Nepali men, mostly hill high caste Hindu men, [roughly 10% of the population, if at that] NOT exactly Nepali people.”

Education, more than anything, has the potential to change this and that’s why I do what I do. Education will bring awareness, and then changes in attitudes and mentality and subsequently, changes in behavior. Sure, it will take a long time, most likely longer than a lifetime, but there is no short-cut!


The 2072 Constitution of Nepal, the Nepalese version.

The 2072 Constitution of Nepal, the English version, translated by Nepal Law Society.


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  1. jitendra

    plz my friend hepl her mother got bansaj citizenship but her father is from india the she will get citizen or not

    1. Dorje


      Your mother should visit the appropriate office for an answer to that. Sorry I was not able to help you there.

  2. Sandip Tamang

    Can I get citizenship card at the age of just reach 16 years old

  3. Shubham gupta

    My father was born here .
    He is working here since his childhood .
    I was also born here and I have a birth certificate of my dhangadhi maha nagarpalika.
    But my father don’t have a birth certificate neither nepali citizenship.
    But he have few documents like old driving license when it was not mandatory to represent nagrikta for making driving license few decades ago.
    His takewando membership card….Etc

    Can we apply for citizenship….
    It’s hard for me as I am loosing my career opportunities as we don’t have a citizenship…
    Is there any way please suggest us..

    1. Dorje

      Dear Shubham,

      I am in no position to make any suggestion whether you can apply for citizenship. You’ll have to inquire about this at the local offices.

  4. Umesh

    Can i make citizenship with dad birthcitizenship needed information about it

    1. Dorje

      Umesh, if your father is a citizen of the country, of course you can get Nepali citizenship.

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