I Could Have Been…A Performing Artist

As a primary school student, I loved the arts and was good at acting and singing, and did a lot of that. But acting was also an "out," a means to escape my own self, to become someone else, suffering as I had been from a number of personal issues.

Had I been born a different caste or in a different country, I would have probably become a performing artist as an adult.

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Unleashing Nepal: Private Institutions, Foreign Education And Preference for Paper Degrees

Short history of the way the education system evolved with the introduction of private schools and even a private University from after 1980. Sadly, education was NOT valued as a means to acquire knowledge and skills, but for the paper degrees. Besides, the institutions themselves struggled to provide quality education -- many imparted no more than just the most basic of skills, that of memorization and regurgitation -- as they mostly functioned as for-profit businesses.

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Unleashing Nepal: Education Mishap

These extracts from Unleashing Nepal describes how, through education, the Rana Regime and the Shah autocrats furthered their ethnic and nationalistic agenda, enabling the social, political, and economic advancement of the hill high caste Hindus (Khas Aryas) while oppressing -- and hindering the advancement of -- the others.

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