A Ghost of Qatar

Following a traffic accident, when the other party, unable to get their way, though they were at fault, lodged a "case" against me with the police. When I was told that, I was scared. I didn't know that the trauma of incarceration in Qatar had also engendered another feeling: fear of police cases and the the police.

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Qatar…From Afar: What Others Saw vs. What I Was Going Though

The first month and a half back in Nepal following my ordeal in Qatar, I discovered a lot of people, both on social media and outside, who were interested in what I had to say and did. The attention, while flattering, made me quite uncomfortable, and at times embarrassed. But while on social media I gave the impression of doing decent enough job of moving on with my life, internally and also in my daily life, I was struggling greatly. With hardly any emotional and social support, I was having to deal with that on my own, by myself.

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Qatar…From Afar: Long Flight To Freedom

When you have suffered gravely, you view and live life a certain way.

Far from making others suffer or wishing suffering on others, for instance, you don't even wish suffering on those you hold responsible for your own suffering. Knowing what it was like, you want to do everything you can to alleviate the sufferings of others instead.

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