The Ugly Face of Tourism in Mustang in The Nineties

The Ugly Face of Tourism in Mustang in The Nineties
Jigu Lha, the seat of our guardian deity.

The influx of tourists to Mustang bring little benefits to the local people. On the contrary, the visitors not only have little regard for the ways and values of the locals but also question and threaten the most important aspect, and therefore, the very basis of their way of life: their religion (their spirituality).

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“The local people should improve the quality of their lives.” […] “But let them not wear ties”

Our political leaders and the Kathmandu elite have always been arrogant, self-righteous and patronizing when it came to the way they treat marginalized Nepalese.

Here's an example of that going all the way back to the early nineties when they opened and served up Mustang district as consumer products to trekkers and travellers.

Is it any wonder they are treating the people in the southern plains as they are now?!

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