#LifeEh: Oh, The Irony!

One of the many issues I identified growing up in Nepal, which I believed would be the source of many unwarranted struggles to make something of myself, had been my severe lack of social capital. So, I worked really hard to escape from the country. Succeeding in doing so and spending most of my adult life abroad, I practically ensured I would have even less social capital when I finally returned home! #LifeEh!

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The Silenced…Go Silently

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The biggest killer of Nepalese girls and women is suicide. Part of the reason has to do with Nepalese society not valuing female lives anywhere near as much as those of males in general and other social issues arising from cultural practices and mentality. There are things we, the Nepalese men, can do to change things around.

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The Blinding Effect of Structural Privilege

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Social structure propped up, supported and perpetuated by Nepal's very highly patriarchal caste system has given rise to a bureaucractic and political--and other--systems that's characterized by deplorable structural inequality, which many of those responsible aren't able to understand or, if they do, will not acknowledge.

But there is a solution!

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What is Privilege in Nepal?

What is Privilege in Nepal?
In side the kitchen: The fireplace on the other side.
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What does privilege in Nepal look like? Here's an exercise to visually and dramatically show that.

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