MYP Y4-5 Chemistry PowerPoint Slides

Revamping my HTML-based homepage and making it considerably leaner, I removed many of its contents. Those that I think others still might find useful, notably the science resources, I am reproducing them here for their benefit.

This is a reproduction of the page containing links to the online PowerPoint slides I used when I taught IB MYP  years 4 and 5 chemistry a long time ago.

NB. This is a reproduction of something that was last revised and updated in November 2009!

Unit 1. Matter

Unit 2. Changes Matter Undergo

2.1 The Periodic Table

2.2 Bonding

Unit 3. Fuels and Energy

Unit 4. Chemical Reactivity

4.1 Acids, Bases and Salts

4.2 Stoichiometry

Unit 5. Redox Reactions

Unit 6. Rate of Reactions



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