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I changed the theme the other day and thought it might be a good idea at this point to provide some more information on the content. The static contents of the blog are almost complete.

Education Philosophy describes just that.

About This Blog contains detailed description of the content and purpose of this blog.

The IGCSE Chemistry discrepant events are divided into two: Form 4 and Form 5.

MYP Years 2-3 puzzlers are divided into terms, each term containing seven puzzlers. Yes, both the years get the same puzzlers. I may change that in the future.

As for MYP Years 4-5 discrepant events, there are dedicated discrepant events for each year in both Physics and Chemistry.

And finally, IB Diploma Chemistry discrepant events are divided into year 1, year 2 and both–these are ones that are appropriate for both years as they cover topics from both years.

The next few things I’ll be doing is to complete the background information and resources section for each problem. I hope to also add worksheets–to go with the PowerPoint slide resources–and online forms for private submission of the write-ups, which would be useful really only to my students.


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