Intro & Contents: IGCSE Chemistry Discrepant Events

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Often at the beginning of a topic, students either observe a demonstration or watch a video or are given a description of a discrepant event.  After sufficient materials have been covered, they are challenged to explain it.

However, unlike in MYP science, their write-ups aren’t graded according to any specific criteria. Some times the discrepant event write-up may be graded and contribute towards their final grade just as a quiz would. Some times, it may lead to a design investigation. What a given Discrepant Event requires is made clear at the time it is demonstrated.

Regardless, Discrepant Events on this blog contain questions to guide the students arrive at a solution.

IGCSE year 1 (Form 4) Discrepant Events are labeled F4 and year 2 (Form 5) F5.

Expectations for discrepant events that are common to both forms are different, as will be evident from the accompanying questions.

Form 4 Discrepant Events

  1. Magical Candle: About gaseous behavior.
  2. Plastic Bottle Canons: An observation and deduction exercise about elements in the periodic table.
  3. Water Bottle Explosion: About state of matter, energy and pressure.
  4. Uncanny Can: About state of matter.
  5. Dancing Coin: About state of matter.
  6. Rubbery Egg: About state of matter.
  7. Hair Brain Chemistry: An observation and deduction exercise on the patterns of reactivity.
  8. Fun with Liquid Nitrogen: About energy and state of matter.

Form 5 Discrepant Events

  1. Plastic bottle Canons: An observation and deduction exercise about elements in the periodic table and Stoichiometry (Quantitative Chemistry).
  2. Magical Beakers: About acid-base chemistry.
  3. Magical Crystals: About ion-exchange/precipitation/double displacement reaction.
  4. Gunpowder: Ideal Mixture: About Stoichiometry (Quantitative Chemistry)
  5. Sugar Daddy…with Flare: About Redox Reactions and Stoichiometry (Quantitative Chemistry)
  6. Cracking Crackers: About redox reactions.


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