Why Discrepant Events?

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I have described elsewhere why I use discrepant events, or, what in my own classes, I call Magic Show. Here are some more links on the subject and some discrepant events.

  1. Motivational Power of Science Discrepant Events: A University professor’s take on the role of discrepant event in Science Education. The page also includes a number of physics discrepant events.
  2. Teaching Science using Discrepant events to engage students: Another educator’s description of why and how he used discrepant events when teaching science.
  3. Science Discrepant Events: Over two dozen short YouTube videos of discrepant events performed and captured on video by a group of middle school students.
  4. Discrepant Events: Another page with a number of discrepant events.
  5. PhenamenaScience: Another set of short YouTube videos of discrepant events performed by the same group of middle school students responsible for #3.

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