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COMMITTED’s Newsletter: Post-earthquake Edition

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When my homepage host server encountered some problems, two blog posts became casualties! This was one of them. Here’s the replacement! (For a PDF version click here.)

For more on Social Business for Education, click here. The link will take you to a page containing links to a number of blog posts on the subject.

Click here for a blog post containing an embedded video of the reconstruction of Chilaune School recorded in April 2016. The completed block of Chilaune School was handed over to the school in February 2017.

Click here for one containing an embedded video of Taltuleshwori School recorded also in April 2016. Social Audits of the projects were conducted in August 2017. Monitoring and Assessment of the project by Social Welfare Council staff was conducted in October 2017.

Click here for a bog with an embedded video of Raithane School reconstruction recorded in April 2016. For more on the Star Reader and Writer program, click here.

For more on the Accountability and Transparency in the School Governance System project, click here. For more on the EnLog-SDEG project, click here.

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