I originally posted this blog post just a few days after the incident! But the server that hosts my homepage crashed on January 8, and didn’t come back online until January 11, and contrary to what I had been led to believe by them — that they make daily backup of everything — they appeared to NOT have the latest backup. When they restored my homepage, they did so from a January 4 backup! I lost everything I published and worked on between January 4 and 8! 🙁 🙁 One of them was this blog!

Anyway, the incident took place late afternoon, early evening of January 2. I walked into a pile of cables in the middle of a road on my way to my car after work on January 2, and no sooner had I come across it, a scooter got stuck on one. I took a few photos and noticing how everyone seemed to just continue on driving over it without doing anything about it, I started recording it. Watch the video below to see what happened.

The cables were there still the morning of January 4. It appeared to have been taken care of sometime during that day because they were gone by late afternoon (see below).

No more cables!!! Photo taken the late afternoon of Jan. 4.

And that is NOT unusual! Kathmandu traffic is an endless source of amusement and danger!

If you are interested, the following blog posts touch on the many amusing sides of traffic in Kathmandu, all of which are applicable to traffic in most of the rest of the country as well.

My motto when it comes to traffic and driving in the country is “If you can’t join them, have a laugh!”

The following blog posts touch on the many dangerous sides of traffic and driving in the country!

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