A Ghost of Qatar

Following a traffic accident, when the other party, unable to get their way, though they were at fault, lodged a "case" against me with the police. When I was told that, I was scared. I didn't know that the trauma of incarceration in Qatar had also engendered another feeling: fear of police cases and the the police.

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Zebra Crossing…in Kathmandu

They say you should look at the streets and traffic to get a sense for how a country is doing and what it is all about!

What does a video of the challenges I faced crossing a road in Kathmandu say about Nepal, our country?

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Kathmandu Can…If and When it Wants

I have argued over and over again that it's not that we in Nepal can't do what we should do to develop, to make progress, but that we WON'T do them. We do them only when, for whatever reason, we feel that we absolutely HAVE to, for example.

Here's an example of that.

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