I find traffic in Kathmandu to be an endless source of amusement! Here’s one of the reasons.

If you want to know more about horn use in Kathmandu and have a laugh, read Horn Rules and In a Hurry…To be Late.

If interested in some crazy practices, such as pillon riders NOT wearing helmets at all, whether in the streets of Kathmandu or on highways, read Use Your Head: Protect Your Head.

Or if interested in reading about some reckless driving by those who should know better, read Close Encounter of The Unnerving and Sobering Kind.

October 17, 2017 Update

Since April 14 (New Years day, 2074 in Nepal), that has been a thing of the past pretty much. The Kathmandu Metropolitan Police basically banned unnecessary honking and even started cracking down on them. You are now allowed to honk only in “emergency” and when going around corners!

The sounds of Kathmandu city streets now are no more! To reinforce the ban, they have placed the following signs all over the city.

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