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My Personal Stories, Travel

Tongue And Tales

As a result of a versatile tongue, I have enjoyed privileges and have had some interesting experiences, both abroad and in Nepal, that I otherwise wouldn’t have had. . . . → Read More: Tongue And Tales

My Personal Stories, Nepal Earthquake

Bourne Again!

Books are amazingly powerful.

They can make people’s lives.

They did mine!

. . . → Read More: Bourne Again!

My Personal Stories, Nepal Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education

Raise the Child, NOT the Rod

Corporal punishments rarely impart any meaningful lesson, and yet, in Nepal, it’s defended as part of our “culture.” My classmates and I suffered from it too and as far as I can tell, they didn’t do much good for us!

What’s more, it is possible to educate and raise children without punishing them physically.

. . . → Read More: Raise the Child, NOT the Rod

My Personal Stories

When in Scandinavia…

I decided on a career in 1996, two years after graduating from college, while working at Red Cross Nordic UWC in Norway, . . . → Read More: When in Scandinavia…

Grinnell College, My Personal Stories

One of The Happiest Days of My Life…

One of the happiest days of my life was a Spring day in 1990. At the time, I was wrapping up my second year at UWC of the Adriatic and waiting to hear from American colleges and universities I had applied to. A letter from Grinnell College would make my day then! . . . → Read More: One of The Happiest Days of My Life…

My Personal Stories, Presentations & Speeches, USA

Burr & Burton Academy: Success…What you Make of Life

Live life in others’ terms, you’ll fail…no matter what.

Live life in ones own terms, you’ll succeed…no matter what.

In other words, ones success is measured by oneself, so therefore, success is what you make of life.

. . . → Read More: Burr & Burton Academy: Success…What you Make of Life

My Personal Stories

Cultural Learnings of…This and That

Travel gives you opportunities to learn about other cultures and people amongst other things. It opens your eyes up. Having learned about others, it also helps you see your own country and culture in a different light. . . . → Read More: Cultural Learnings of…This and That

My Personal Stories

Turtles Can Fly?

How, in fifth grade, I began nurturing a near-impossible dream because that had been the only realistic dream! . . . → Read More: Turtles Can Fly?

My Personal Stories

To Trump(…)

Open letter to Mr. Trump to embrace empathy, peace and humanity for victory. . . . → Read More: To Trump(…)

Equality, Gender Equality, My Personal Stories

Nepal: No Country for Women

Nepal is a country by men, for men. But it’s time to recognize why that is so and to move forward. . . . → Read More: Nepal: No Country for Women

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