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My Personal Stories

#LifeEh: Friends, Marriage, and Nepal

Reading Time: 2 minutesTwo observations about how the lives of my group of close friends from school in Nepal have unfolded. They didn’t unfold as we thought they would, not surprisingly. . . . → Read More: #LifeEh: Friends, Marriage, and Nepal

My Personal Stories

#LifeEh: Of Facials Features and Personalities

Reading Time: 4 minutesLeaving Nepal, I discovered a number of things about myself — such as my versatile tongue and the exoticness of my facial features — many of which I probably would not have, had I never left the country. Here are a few of them. . . . → Read More: #LifeEh: Of Facials Features and Personalities

My Personal Stories

And I Start Yet Another Phase of My Life…

Reading Time: 3 minutesI have resigned from COMMITTED and will now start yet another phase in my life. After over fifteen years of international teaching, followed by five of social work, what will be next? . . . → Read More: And I Start Yet Another Phase of My Life…

Mustang District, My Personal Stories

Biswo Dai’s Tharchyang (Retirement Celebrations)

Reading Time: 2 minutesRetirement celebrations were a big deal in the our village of Tangbe in Mustang District. But before 1990, even with a sizeable number of the people living in Pokhara, I don’t think many held their celebrations in the city because of the shame they felt in being ethnic Tibetan. Things have changed a lot since then. Here’s a glimpse into a celebration that I attended last month. . . . → Read More: Biswo Dai’s Tharchyang (Retirement Celebrations)

My Personal Stories

Lost Friends, Lost Grandfather But Safe Cousin!!

Reading Time: 10 minutesAn incident last October brought back memories of the untimely death of my dear maternal grandfather (the same year my classmates ostracized me at St. Xavier’s Godavari School). But determined not to let the same tragedy befall the cousin who had suffered a fall that October night, with help from his older brother, I defied the rest of the cousins to do as I saw fit. . . . → Read More: Lost Friends, Lost Grandfather But Safe Cousin!!

My Personal Stories, Nepal Education, Parenting

“Let’s Raise Children Who Won’t Have to Recover From Their Childhoods.”

Reading Time: 15 minutesViolence against children in Nepal, in homes and schools, was routine in the seventies and eighties when I was growing up. Results of surveys show it to be so even now, more than two decades later.
Instead of raising children, who have to recover from their childhoods, we should and we can raise them to be kind and compassionate human beings! . . . → Read More: “Let’s Raise Children Who Won’t Have to Recover From Their Childhoods.”

My Personal Stories

“Oh, What’s in A Name?”

Reading Time: 8 minutesI used to really feel uncomfortable introducing myself as “Dorje Gurung” to fellow Nepalis as a young student growing up in Nepal in the eighties.
I still do…but for the exact opposite reason!
I may just have found a way around it thoug! . . . → Read More: “Oh, What’s in A Name?”

My Personal Stories

Lost Memories of Old

Reading Time: 4 minutesSomething — ten-year (1997) high school reunion — that I should remember! I should have memories of it! After all, I had been heavily involved in its organization! But, strangely enough, I don’t, while I do our one-year (1988) reunion, for all the right and two wrong reasons! . . . → Read More: Lost Memories of Old

My Personal Stories

Sometimes You Just Can’t Win…and That’s OK

Reading Time: 6 minutesHow people are in some respects — and also how power dynamics — work don’t change with time. Should you suffer in some way because of that, hardly any of it is about you AND as such you can’t do anything about it really. And that’s ok! . . . → Read More: Sometimes You Just Can’t Win…and That’s OK

My Personal Stories, Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Pain

Reading Time: 4 minutesDo you know what ultimate pain is? If not and if you are interested, read on! 😀 😀 . . . → Read More: Ultimate Pain

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