My Very First Visit to Thangpalkot

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The summer of 2012, really disappointed with my teaching experience at Qatar Academy and in line with what I had always planned of doing, I had been contemplating returning home for good to work with children from low socio-economic backgrounds.

It would have been four years at the end of 2013 academic year since my good friends–the Prices–and I had talked about my return home, sitting in a small lodge in Mustang drinking Mustang “Coffee”. We had decided then that I should give myself only five more years before I returned because, without such a deadline, we figured, I would most likely continue with my international teaching career. And so, returning even before the five years was up seemed just as good a time as any.

In addition to my disappointment with my teaching experience in Qatar, there were other pull factors at work too, such as the new addition to our family: my little nephew!

So that summer, I visited about ten government and community school in and around Pokhara, including Bal Jyoti Primary School and Vindhya Basini Secondary School, the two government schools I had attended before moving to St. Xavier’s Godavari.

Apart from that, I also accompanied my good buddy Jayjeev, COMMITTED‘s Executive Director, on a trip to Thangpalkot. The following video Jayjeev made is about that trip.


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2015 Update

The earthquake of April 25, 2015 destroyed the building (see below) housing the science lab featured in the video above.

raithane multipurpose court meeting
Jayjeev, COMMITTED’s Executive Director, meeting with the locals. The building in the background, one of the three Raithane School buildings, has been destroyed, as you can see. The building housed the library, science lab and the computer lab among others.

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