Project Update: Reconstruction of Taltuleshwori School

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Taltuleshwori school 0221
Taltuleshwori School before the earthquake. I believe I took this photo in the fall of 2014.

In Thangpalkot, COMMITTED has worked with five schools — Raithane, Chilaune, Taltuleshwori, Saatkanya and Kumveshwori. While our involvement with Raithane has been the most extensive, we had just begun to expand our programs of assistance to the other schools before the earthquake of April 25 and May 12, 2015, hit and caused extensive destruction and damages in the country, in Thangpalkot and those schools.

Having provided emergency relief to Thangpalkot and other areas in Sindhupalchok district and elsewhere, having helped set up Temporary Learning Centers (TLCs) in the village, having set up recreational and educational activities at the TLCs, including music, sports, and reading and writing — COMMITTED is moving ahead with the reconstruction finally, after the relevant government body in Kathmandu granted permission to do so.

Reconstruction of Taltuleshwori Primary School is already underway.

taltuleshwori school site plan
Site plan. For photos of the reconstruction, click here, here and here.

As it stands now, partly due to funding constraints, COMMITTED will be adding six more blocks to the two original intact blocks. When funding becomes available, the rest of the blocks shown on the site plan will be built. The current work will be completed in May.

Once completed, the school will serve 176 elementary school students from Wards 1-3 in Thangpalkot VDC.

Taltuleshwori reconstruction Dec 2015
The very beginning: clearing the area of boulders and breaking them down for use in the construction. Click here for more photos from that time.


Taltuleshwori reconstruction beginning Jan 2016
The reconstruction begins in earnest. Click here for more photos from that time.


Taltuleshwori reconstruction end Jan 2016
The buildings begin to take shape. Click here for more photos.

To read COMMITTED’s own blog post about this click here.

As stated earlier, rebuilding Taltuleshwori School according to the site plan will require additional funding, to say nothing of the funding required for the reconstruction of the other schools.

If you are interested in supporting us, we do have an ongoing fundraising drive. If interested in finding out where we stand with funding click here to go to our annual report for fiscal year 2014-15.



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