Saatkanya Prathamik Bidhyalaya
Saatkanya Prathamik Bidhyalaya, as it looked long before the earthquake. (I took this photo in December 2013.)

I visited Saatkanya School for the first time in December 2013 to check on and inquire after the progress of the school-library construction — the far room in the above photo. The next and the last time I visited the school was almost two years ago — on February 7, 2014 to be precise — when we set up their library.

Saat Kanya school library.
Saat Kanya School library.

(You can find all the details of the February visit in this post: Reading in ThangpalkotClick here to see more photos I took of the students and the library.)

And this is what the April 25 Earthquake reduced the small school to.

Post Quake - Saat Kanya school

The students are now housed in a Temporary Learning Center. (Click here for more photos of the students at Saatkanya Temporary Learning Center.)

Post Quake - Saat Kanya TLC
Saatkanya Temporary Learning Center.



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