Help Launch Nepal’s First Collaborative School

Help my mate Pete and my buddy Sakar launch Nepal's first collaborative school by donating to their fundraising drive. They are raising a modest $10341 (£6826) to serve some of the poorest students in Kathmandu Valley. What the team has already accomplished since taking over the school is already commendable. These funds will go a long way in accomplishing what they have set out to do: turn the school around and show that huge investments are not necessary to accomplish that.

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#BaghdadBombing #BeirutBombing #NepalBlockade #ParisAttacks

Life is life, regardless of nationality, religion, skin color or any trait you want to name. And suffering does not discriminate. But to social and other media, the value of life appears to depend on one or combination of traits, such as nationality and religion.

Additionally, the suffering of some are more of a suffering than those of others. Not to me.

And, what's more, some believe that ones pain and suffering can be alleviated by causing pain and suffering to others. I don't.

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‘This company doesn’t consider a human being a human being’

  • Qatar

The music video of a Nepalese song featuring the interview of a migrant worker brought back memories of my trip to Janakpur with my mate Pete, a journalist for the Guardian. The video was produced by Pete and I had been involved in the interview. The reason so many Madhesis go abroad and are protesting is partly because they have very few opportunities. Hence the large migration of the Madhesis abroad.

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