For a Good Friend…

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A plea on behalf of my journalist friend Pete Pattisson to vote, online, for his video for a Webby Award. Having worked with him on some of his stories on the plight of Nepalese migrant labourers, here's why it's important recognize his work!

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News Release: Grinnell College Talk

Reproduced below is the news release from Grinnell College about my talk at the College. For the online version click here. I have described elsewhere how all this came about and the details of my impending US visit. Click here for the details and my search for additional speaking engagements. To get an idea of what I will…

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Social Justice: Caste Away

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Your birth as anything (class, caste, race, nationality etc.) or with any trait (skin color etc.) considered to be a characteristic of an inferior human being is not shameful. YOU HAD NO CHOICE IN THAT!

It's those that view and interpret that as such and make you suffer for it who are shameful: THEY HAVE A CHOICE IN THEIR VIEW OF, THEIR ATTITUDE TOWARDS AND THEIR TREATMENT OF YOU!

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Honored to Return to Grinnell

Honored to Return to Grinnell
Grinnell College
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I was fulfilling a long held dream when I first went to Grinnell College in 1990 as a student. This upcoming visit however I am honored to be making!

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“Is a dream a lie if it don’t come true?”

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Hopes and dreams of poor families in Nepal sending a member abroad to work as a semi- or unskilled worker, turn into nightmares when the said member returns home in a coffin. This is the story of one such family whose children's education COMMITTED supports. The post is based on my findings during a short visit to the family.

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