Stolen Innocence and Lost Dreams

Stolen Innocence and Lost Dreams
Sona and her two younger siblings.

In rural Nepal, the innocence of children and their dreams are often stolen and lost, respectively, because of a lack of will on our leadership to do anything concrete to tackle poverty and lack of education. Often such children become victims of trafficking.

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Project Update: March Visit

Project Update: March Visit
10th graders hard at work preparing for SLC in the Science Laboratory.
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COMMITTED makes regular visits to our project site, Thangpalkot village. This is post about our March visit when we took along our Swiss friends!

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In a Hurry…To be Late

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Traffic in Kathmandu is beyond bad! It's absurd...but then what system in Nepal isn't?! I have decided that one of the ways of dealing and coping with it is to make jokes and laugh about it. (The other option is to go mad, go crazy!) Here are two jokes Jerry Seinfeld might crack about it.

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