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For the complete Annual Report, click here. (For the 2014-15 Annual Report blog post click here, and for the 2013-14 click here.)

Summarized below are some of the important financial details in the report.

(for Jan.-Dec. 2015)
 1. Total income 36,589,063.69 70,371.47
 2. Total expense 15,949,541.32  20,359.67 
 2. Overhead (not covered by projects) 455,917.30 1,938.67
 3. Project expenses 15,493,624.02  18,421.00

*Approximate exchange rate: NPR 105 = US$1.00.

Earthquake Relief and Reconstruction

Star Reader and Writer program:

Reconstruction of Taltuleshwori Primary School:

Assisting with the reconstruction of Chilaune School:

Winter jackets as part of relief were also provided to Raithane School children in Thangpalkot. Click here and here for photos. (To know what winter is like in villages like Thangpalkot, read Cold Front.)

Sponsorship/Student Support

Prakriti, who we supported the further education of, completed here studies.

We have been supporting two students runners a little here and there with funding from COMMITTED friends. They are students at Chilaune School, Thangpalkot. Click here for photos of the two girls participating in the International Women’s day Fun run in March 2016.

Fishery: Social Business for Education

Good Governance Project

And finally, a detailed blog post about the accomplishments over the year, including details of the finances.

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