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Bishnu and family.
Bishnu and family. Photo taken in January 2014.

COMMITTED has been supporting Bishnu and her siblings for over a year and a half with their education.

You can read about how it all started in October of 2013 here, about the support we provided part of that academic year (i.e. October 2013-April 2014) here and about the support we provided this past academic year, 2071 (2014-15), here following my adventurous journey to visit the family and a fundraising (and awareness) campaigns to support the education of siblings and children of dead Nepalese migrants.

Thanking COMMITTED for their support, the following request letter — from the Principal, for this academic year, 2072 (2015-16) — outlines the academic standing of the four children and the details of their educational costs.

Sponsorship request on behalf of Bishnu and her siblings for the academic year 2072 (2015-16).
Sponsorship request on behalf of Bishnu and her siblings for the academic year 2072 (2015-16).

The details of current students at this school, children of the late Dol BahadurKhadga are as follows:

# Name of Student Class (grade)
1 Bishnu Khadga (daughter) 12*
2 Laxmi Khadga (daughter) 10
3 Laxman Khadga (son) 9
4 Rajesh Khadga (son) 8
  1. Yearly educational expenses per child (except Bishnu):
    1. Supplies (notebooks, pencils, educational materials, reference books):Rs. 600/month X 12 months = Rs. 7200.
    2. Mandatory private tuition (in English, Mathematics and Science):Rs. 500/subject/month X 3 subjects X 4 months = Rs. 6000.
    3. School uniform: Rs. 3000.
    4. Snack and other expenses: Rs. 30/day X 220 days = Rs. 6600.

Total = Rs. 22,800.00

The above is the cost for per student per year. Tuition fees are not include since its free.

Thank you for your support.

Tika Ram Sapkota

The fifth school-going child, Sharmila Khadga, is sick and currently in India with a relative getting treatment. Laxman is repeating grade nine as he failed the exams; he was taken ill with stomach ulcers and unable to prepare well for them.

Total support needed for the three children for the entire year: 22,800 X 3 = Rs. 68,400.

Monthly deposit for 11 months = 68400/12=Rs. 5700.

In addition to that, as indicated in the last update, Bishnu failed a few of her 12th grade examinations. Just as last year, she will need financial support when she sits for those examinations again. The following details the support she would need:

Room and board during the exam: Rs. 11,000 (not unlike last year)
Private tuition on the two subjects: 1200 X 2 = Rs. 2400
Additional Books = Rs. 500
Total = Rs. 13000

In conclusion, the children will be provided with a total of Rs. 81400 (68400+13000) this academic year, 2072 (2015-16).


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