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A little over a month ago, we put out a plea on behalf of a young girl, Bishnu, one of the many casualties of the tragedies that befall Nepalese migrant labourers in Qatar. Within twenty-four hours, three generous people and an organisation in Kathmandu, Higher Ground, donated the necessary funds, ensuring, for the time being, Bishnu did not need to abandon her dream of continuing her education. She does not need to give up her studies and go looking for a job to support her family and siblings. Had it not been for the generous donations, as the first-born in the family, she would have had to shoulder the burden of taking care of her siblings and family.

On October 9th, we were able to make the first deposit and just last week on November 8, we made the second deposit. Every month around the 8th, for the next four months, COMMITTED will be depositing Rs. 15000 into Bishnu’s mom’s bank account. The remaining balance will be deposited in the last month, the seventh month. (Click here for COMMITTED’s education-sponsorship policy.) Bishnu will complete her 12th grade then. (I am in touch with her and have been talking to her about her plans after that.)

The fund covers Bishnu and her siblings’ education-related expenses. It pays for,  for instance, their monthly tuition fees at the school, private tuition fees (held at the school outside of normal school hours), textbooks, stationary, school uniforms etc. The Principal at Shree Bhimsen Higher Secondary School, the school most of the children attend, will be assisting us in monitoring the progress of the children’s education.

Five of the children, including Bishnu, attend Shree Bhimsen Higher Secondary School in Sundanda-1. Those children are Rajesh in 7th grade, Laxman in 8th grade, Sharmila in 8th grade and Laxmi also in 8th grade. (Her father had two wives, hence the children of similar ages!) The school is a little over an hour walk each way from where her family lives. The sixth one, her brother Raj Kumar, a 7th grader, attends Shree Bhim Karina School in Karina-5, a school located in the same area as the other school. Bishnu, however, is hoping to transfer him to the school she and the rest attend.

Once again, thanks are due to Karla, Gillian, an anonymous donor and Higher Ground in Kathmandu for their generous donations.

Please check back here for more updates etc.

Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013.

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March 28, 2014 Update

From when the fundraising campaign concluded on October 7, 2013, and the first transfer was made into Bishnu’s mom’s bank account in Banglung two days later, thanks to four generous donors, COMMITTED was able to keep Bishnu and her siblings in school the last seven months.

Here are the details of the funds received:

SN Donor Amount/US$ Amount/NRs. Comment/Note
 1. Karla Schmidt 100 9,945 Exchange rate: US$1.00=Rs. 99.45
 2. Gillian Westera 300 29,835
 3. Anonymous 500 49,725
 4. Bimala Shrestha Pokharel (from HG Education Fund) NA 30,000
 Total 119,505

Details of disbursement:

SN Month deposit made Amount/NRs.
 1. Beginning of October 15,000
 2. Beginning of November 15,000
 3. Beginning of December 15,000
 4. Beginning of January 15,000
 5. Beginning of February 15,000
 6. Beginning of March 15,000
 7. End of March 30,900
Total  120,900

The last deposit is considerably higher and and was made at an earlier date for two reasons. Firstly, as you can see, quite a large amount was available. Secondly, Bishnu anticipates considerably higher expenses in the upcoming month.

The first major expense is related to Bishnu’s 12th grade examinations. Since the test center is in a different village sufficiently far away, Bishnu would have to travel to and stay in the village for the entire duration of the examination. Some of the extra funds will cover her room and board.

The second is the expenses related to the start of a new school year for the rest of the children. Back to school expenses are always more than at other times.

The good news is that the combination of funds raised at different fundraising events (We’re COMMITTEDSydney’s COMMITTED, and the New York City Art Exhibition) and donations by individuals (Ms. C. Burcaliere and my friend and former colleague Leigh Newton) means that we can continue supporting the education of Bishnu’s siblings!

Once again, thank you everyone!


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October 4, 2014, Update

Bishnu took her 12th grade exams several months ago. The results of the examination were published just recently. Unfortunately, she failed two subjects, which means she can’t continue her education. She will have to retake the examination on just those two subjects next year. She tells me that her falling ill before the start of the examinations and taking them while still ill, most likely, affected her performance.

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  1. Mark

    Great news! Keep up the good work. There is still hope for a new future for the family.

    1. Dorje

      Dear Mark, yes indeed, yes indeed! I’ll be sure to update this page with more details as I monitor the family’s situation. Be sure to check back.

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