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Earlier this year, COMMITTED was involved in a musical awareness and fundraiser event, run as a campaign called “We’re COMMITTED” (to) raising awareness about the plight of families of dead migrants and (to) educating the younger sibling and/or children of dead migrants.

To reiterate some of the things I mentioned in that write-up and relevant here….

EVERY DAY on average 2000 Nepalese leave the country in search of better opportunities abroad to give their families at home a shot at just a decent life, nothing extravagant.

Sydney is COMMITTED.
Sydney is COMMITTED. Click on the image for the original.

According to a Kathmandu Post article of December 19, 2013, on average, three return in coffins EVERY DAY! The death of a Nepalese migrant worker abroad kills the dreams and aspirations of their younger siblings and/or children.


There is hardly any recognition of this fact, let alone anyone doing anything to limit the devastating impact of this on the young and innocent victims.

When a child’s dreams die, part of her dies, I am certain!

Now, a team of dedicated volunteers in Sydney have taken up the mantle and are also organizing a musical event to help the cause.

In other words, “Sydney is COMMITTED” (to) raising awareness about the plight of dead migrants and (to) educating the younger sibling and/or children of dead migrants.

The details:

What? A ticketed fundraiser concert.

Performing artists:

  • Tarana (Band)
  • Kritisha Gurung
  • DKP (Pradeep Lama & Amit Bajracharya)
  • K V Basnet
  • Raj K Goswami
  • Shrijan Lwagun
  • In Bloom (Band)
  • Rajesh K.C.
  • Buddha Shanker
  • Ken P (Kened Pradhan)
  • With a special attraction: Kids’ Fashion Show / Musical Drama by Nep-Indo Fusion Group.

Where? Granville Town Hall, Sydney, Australia

When? March 22, 2014, 5 pm onwards

Cost? Pre-sale $20/ at the door $25

The proceeds from the event go to COMMITTED to support education of younger siblings and/or children of dead migrants, such as Bishnu and her siblings.

Monika Ranjikar, Kened Pradhan and Nix Nox (Nishess Shakya) have brought a group of concerned people in Sydney together to organize this event.

The event is supported by the following:

  • Nep-Indo Fusion Group
  • Garage24 Productions
  • HS Creations
  • Nix Nox Graphic Designs & Photography
  • DKP (Digital Key Production)
  • Third Eye Bar & Bistro

Their media Partners are:

  • MNTV
  • Nepalipatra

And their sponsors are:

  • CelebsKool
  • Bizz Education
  • Angel Movies
  • Hamro College
  • SWRG Events

If you are in Sydney, please support them and therefore us, in our efforts to keeps the dreams of young children of migrant victims alive!


* * * * * * * *


March 27, 2014 Update

By all accounts, the event was a great success. There were some changes to the program as happens some times. Shrijan Lwagun and Buddha Shanker, two of the performing artists, couldn’t perform because of unforeseen changes in circumstances. The organizing team, however, were able to replace them with Sujata Upadhyaya Manandhar.

On behalf of COMMITTED and children whose dreams you have contributed to keeping alive, such as Bishnu and her siblings, thank you for your support and contributions.

Though many of these details and descriptions can be found on Sydney is COMMITTED Facebook page, I have compiled some of the important ones here for our records and your information.

Below, please find links to additional pages about the event:

  1. Monika Ranjitkar’s Appeal
  2. Monika’s Thank you Note

The fundraising drive is still ongoing. Reproduced below is Monika’s appeal she placed also on the Sydney is COMMITTED Facebook page.


If any of you are feeling charitable right now, please make a DONATION to help EDUCATE the young children of Nepalese migrant workers.

Bank details for you to make donations: Monika Ranjitkar
BSB – 012241
Account Number – 212460324

Please quote your name as reference when making the transfer.

If you have questions about the drive, email Monika at r2monica[at]gmail[dot]com. If on the other hand you have questions about COMMITTED, just browse this blog or check out our homepage!!

It appears, Deepa, ever the tireless supporter of what Monika started in Sydney, has taken upon herself to garner support and contributions to the cause from elsewhere in Australia since the conclusion of the event. Thank you once again Deepa!

After all the financial transactions are settled and the campaign ends, I shall be publishing those details here as well. Details of what is happening with the funds and where it’s being used etc. will also be published here. So, please be sure to visit again in the future to read about the impact of your support and contributions to the cause.

Once again, on behalf of the COMMITTED family, and innocent victims, children of dead migrants, thank you!

* * * * * * * *

June 2014 update

The fundraising drive has ended. Click here for the accounts.



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