Wag The Dog

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Our leadership might think that they can mislead and fool all the people all the time. They can only fool some people all the time.

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Kathmandu: Driving and Parking Nepal

Kathmandu: Driving and Parking Nepal
(No) Parking in Kathmandu!

Could it be because we, Kathmandu drivers, are so bad, hilarious and sad at driving and parking and honking that we are so bad at driving issues, and parking on sides of issues, that matter to us and we are as bad calling out those who should be called out? I think so.

It's time that we held our leaders, our government, driving our country backwards and parking our country where they personally benefit from, accountable to us. Kathmanduites, side with the the rest of the population and honk at the leaders prodding them to steer the country in the direction that benefits us all, not just them.

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