USA: A Rigged System For The Benefit of The Rich?

November 8, 2012: it had just been two days since the re-election of President Obama in the US. That day, I shared, on Facebook, how who is in the White House doesn't make a real difference to the US and the world. I argued that regardless of who is in that House in Washington DC, because the systems in place are completely rigged and those who control, run, and enforce them are corrupt, a significant percentage of the American and world population will continue to suffer.

Here's a reproduction of that Facebook post and the interesting discussion I had underneath it with friends, interesting especially now since the election of Trump to the same office!

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#BaghdadBombing #BeirutBombing #NepalBlockade #ParisAttacks

Life is life, regardless of nationality, religion, skin color or any trait you want to name. And suffering does not discriminate. But to social and other media, the value of life appears to depend on one or combination of traits, such as nationality and religion.

Additionally, the suffering of some are more of a suffering than those of others. Not to me.

And, what's more, some believe that ones pain and suffering can be alleviated by causing pain and suffering to others. I don't.

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