The Moment of Truth VI: A Universal Conspiracy?

Was the universe putting obstacles in my way to direct me homewards? While I enjoyed both teaching and traveling, issues at work and outside -- especially ones based on my nationality and/or skin color -- were making it harder and harder for me to continue to do so. With time, I also discovered my options for places I could seek work decreasing. I even lost a job!

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Tongue And Tales

As a result of a versatile tongue, I have enjoyed privileges and have had some interesting experiences, both abroad and in Nepal, that I otherwise wouldn't have had.

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Travel: Small Talk…Nothing Biggie

Travel: Small Talk…Nothing Biggie
One of things I am struggling with returning to the US has been getting used to serving portions. Thanks to the Rosenfield Program, Grinnell College group I had dinner at Rube's Steakhouse last Thursday. What you see is the result of my attempt at eating a T-bone steak there. The one I picked was the smallest T-bone steak they had. (You pick your own steak and barbecue yourself as well, which was a lot of fun.) And, though the placement of cutlery and the remaining food on the right might indicate otherwise, I was done!

My observations of the US based on my three-week experience in the country, visiting it for the first time in over ten years!

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