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One of the things I did during my stay in New York was to make a presentation to an audience consisting mostly of people from the district of Mustang, the district where I am from in Nepal. The presentation was titled “Education for Freedom.”

Education is for freedom: freedom from the constraints of having to think in ways, freedom from having to subscribe to attitudes, and having to behave in ways, dictated by the culture and society one is born into (whether in Nepal or elsewhere); freedom from the socioeconomic shackles one is born into if born into a low socioeconomic context in countries like Nepal and others.

In other words education is for developing an independent mind, an independent person and for empowerment of one’s self to take control of one’s life and destiny.

Watch video below for more.

A fundraising drive following the presentation raised a total of US$1101 for COMMITTED.

Donor roll:

1. Mustang Sisters $200.00
2. Ngodup Choekhora (Guddu) $107.00
3. Tsepak Dorjee $101.00
4. Manav Gurung $101.00
5. Rajendra Saby Paris $101.00
6. Gyaltsen Gurung $75.00
7. Lhakpa Gurung $60.00
8. Biren Tangbe $53.00
9.Tenzin Wangyal Phudhak $52.00
10. Penpa Tsering (Uttam) $51.00
11.Karma Jongchup Dorji $50.00
12. Sonam Rinzin $50.00
13. Raj Kumar Bista $50.00
14. Dawa Dorjee Gurung $50.00

A follow-up conversation with a representative from Nepalese Young Professionals in New York (NYPNY) produced a blog post.

Once again, thank you all for coming to the presentation and contributing to COMMITTED’s work! Hope to see you all in my next visit to the City!



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