That ant hill you see in the image above and the network of their subterranean dwelling below and around it is likely million-billion times bigger than an ant, an ant that contributed to its construction! And the only reason an ant—a little ant, a small ant, a tiny ant—is able to contribute and build that hill is because it worked together with millions of other little ants like itself.

Ok, the hill actually is really mostly a by-product of what they build under it — their intricate subterranean home! Having said that, the hill itself does have chambers and are also used by the ants.

The point is, stand for a major cause, such as (gender) equality, gender-based violence, equity, casteism, racism, human rights, morality, ethics, world peace, principles, rule of law, (social) justice etc. Then, even as small are you are, you’ll be able to contribute to something HUGE, such as the establishment of a just and equitable society, the ant hill to your ant!

Unfortunately, in Nepal, we follow leaders whose agendas are limited to acquiring power and money, for themselves and for personal reasons. We follow leaders — whether political or religious or anything — who tell you and recruit many others to also tell you “Follow me!” More often than not, following them and doing their bidding, your efforts are wasted since most of what you do benefits mostly them, the leader or the leaders, mostly the ones at the top of the pecking order.

Follow causes instead by joining hands with others fighting for the same, however, everyone benefits.

Even then, something you would do well to remember is the fact that a cause is bigger, much bigger than the personality who champions it. Again, unfortunately, more often than not, in Nepal EVEN those who champion causes and ask others to join and contribute, end up elevating himself — yes often a himself — above the cause. Or, those who join hands with such a person, elevate the person — the personality — or one or another person above the cause. Naturally, the cause loses out.

Anyway, if you want a new Nepal post-pandemic, be an ant — work with other ants and build and elevate, as it were, an ant hill, not another ant!

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