Back to Teaching…But Teachers This Time

I am back..into teaching. This time teaching teachers in Nepal instead of international students abroad. I figured educating teachers in Nepal on how to impart critical thinking skills on student might have a bigger impact than teaching students at one school. If you are interested in having me be involved in teacher education at your school, let me know!

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How I Dealt With My Little Nephew’s Temper Tantrums

When a baby or toddler throws a temper tantrum, the easiest way to deal with it is to divert their attention to something else by talking to the child. It could be about something you see in the sky or nearby or it could be about the music you just started playing etc. The very very short attention span of such children means that they will readily and easily refocus their attention to a new stimulus from what they are fixated on when they are throwing the tantrum.

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#LifeEh: Oh, The Irony!

One of the many issues I identified growing up in Nepal, which I believed would be the source of many unwarranted struggles to make something of myself, had been my severe lack of social capital. So, I worked really hard to escape from the country. Succeeding in doing so and spending most of my adult life abroad, I practically ensured I would have even less social capital when I finally returned home! #LifeEh!

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