Dhaulagiri Boarding School: If I did…Why not You?

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My attempt at inspiring students at Dhaulagiri Boarding School in Jomsom, a village in my home District of Mustang, to pursue their dreams, to break out of the limitations and constraints imposed on them by Nepalese culture and society.

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Biswo Dai’s Tharchyang (Retirement Celebrations)

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Retirement celebrations were a big deal in the our village of Tangbe in Mustang District. But before 1990, even with a sizeable number of the people living in Pokhara, I don't think many held their celebrations in the city because of the shame they felt in being ethnic Tibetan. Things have changed a lot since then. Here's a glimpse into a celebration that I attended last month.

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A Community Reclaiming Identity

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Since 1990, little by little, my people from the little village of Tangbe in Mustang District have been reclaiming their identity. Here's one of the ways they are doing that.

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Climate Change and The Dilemma of a Yak Herder

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Climate change, which the President-elect Donald Trump calls a hoax, is real...painfully real in many parts of the world, including in the district of Mustang where I come from in Nepal.

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Lost Caves Of Mustang

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The cave dwellings and secret temples are some of the cultural heritages of Mustang district, the district I am from. A National Geographic team explored and studied some of those caves earlier this century. Embedded within the blog post are videos of those expeditions into the caves.

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