Senator Bernie Sanders: A Leader to Believe In

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'What does it mean to live a moral life?' #FeelTheBern #SenatorBernieSanders #BernieSanders Click To Tweet

Every time I watch that video, I am moved and filled with hope and passion, just as when I first watched Senator Sanders’ speech at the Christian university of Liberty University last September. (See references below for links to the videos of the speech etc.) Partly because the issues he is fighting to address in the US are issues I am passionate about and are also relevant to the rest of the world.

Given that the US has had — and will continue to have — major social, political, economic and cultural impact in the rest of the world, it needs a President who will genuinely bring about change for the better in the world.

And Senator Sanders is that President.

'There is no justice when so few have so much & so many have so little.' #FeelTheBern #BernieSanders #SenatorBernieSanders Click To Tweet

That’s why I have promoted his campaign on Social Media so much. That’s why I even attended the rally in Manhattan on April 13.

In stark contrast to Trump, I see in him a fellow human being with whom I share some of the most important other beliefs, such as the following.

(For more on that see Social Justice: Social (Media) Status Updates, Social Status: Want Compassion? Show Compassion and Cold Fronts.)

The other idea I believe in, compassion, Senator Sanders also believes in.

(I have written about compassion (see The Science of Empathy and Buddhism) and have also made presentations about it (see LPC UWC When Dreams Take Flight).)

Senator Sanders as a President is all about compassion!

The other reason I have been such an ardent supporter of the Senator is his fight for a just society, one where ALL people get the opportunity to live a life of dignity, something I am fighting for on behalf of the marginalized back in my own beautiful little country of Nepal. But, most born into the kind of context I was born into, whether in Nepal or elsewhere, get nowhere near as far as I have gotten.

'How can we talk abt morality, abt justice, when we turn our backs on our children.' #FeelTheBern Click To Tweet

Recognizing that, I am fighting for social and economic equality, for social justice and for education in Nepal, while supporting figures such as Senator Sanders outside.

One more reason for my support of Senator Sanders is that he has recognized the biggest threat to our planet: climate change. We know that it’s here.

Now a change in the political climate is brewing to curve the devastating effects of climate change. And that change in the US is Senator Sanders!

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C-Span Video: Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, spoke at the weekly convocation for students at Liberty. The little more than hour long convocation including the musical performance, introductions and the Q&A session after his speech.

YouTube Video: Bernie Sanders FULL SPEECH at Liberty University. Just his speech.

YouTube Video: Bernie Sanders takes Tough Question/s at Liberty University. Just the Q&A session.

The Washington Post: Bernie Sanders’s Liberty University speech, annotated.

Another video. Senator Sanders discusses his roots with Mark Ruffalo, roots more of us can relate to than the 1 percenters.



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