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While the conversation with Pratibha has been the most emotional interview to date, the Dec. 1 talk at LPC UWC was the most emotional presentation.

Maybe the Prices and Linda’s presence in the audience, good friends who had played a big role in getting me out of a Qatari jail and making my presence there possible, was to blame.

Maybe it was the knowledge that had the outcome of the events of early May 2013 been different, I could well have been serving a seven year jail sentence in Qatar, which was to blame.

Maybe what was responsible for it being so emotional was being in front of so many UWC students, many of whom I felt I could relate to and vice versa.

Maybe the hurt and pain that I still feel from time to time when I think and talk about the  suffering of people in Qatar — a number of whom, I am sure, are still in jail — and elsewhere, is to blame.

Maybe the memory of the depth of despair that overcame me when I was left alone in the private cell, mid-afternoon of May 1, 2013, was responsible for it!

Or maybe it was a combination of either some of the above or all of the above!

Regardless, it was the first of the four presentations I would make on the topic at international schools during my two-week visit to Hong Kong. The other three were made at Shatin College (on Dec. 8), Creative Secondary School, (on Dec. 9) and International College Hong Kong (on Dec. 10).

I talked about my life, my educational and professional experiences — both at  the UWCs and elsewhere — what the UWC experience and education meant to me, and how what I am doing now is in line with the UWC mission and values.

Enjoy the video! And if you are a UWCer, feel free to share what your UWC experience means to you.

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  1. Dorje, I am so moved that your darkest moment in that cell in Qatar has metamorphosed into this wonderful work that you are doing for those who need it the most. I honor and congratulate you. The helpless children of the world Thankyou!

    1. Dorje

      Jenny, thank you!

      You and Steve have been doing some amazing work yourselves!!

      And, I am expecting you two here some day soon! You have no excuse, it’s just a short plane ride! 🙂

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