Shatin College: When Dreams Take Flight…

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Experience is, indeed, the best teacher. And, it takes an even better teacher to impart its lessons to others.

But, being the teacher that I am, try I must. Speaking to school students about the lessons I have learned is but one of those tries.

I spoke at Little Angels School in Kathmandu in early November. Keen to continue with that, during my recent two-week visit to Hong Kong, I spoke at four different international schools giving a total of seven presentations. Click here for the the video of the talk I gave at International College Hong Kong and here for the one at Creative Secondary School.

Shatin College was one of the two other schools. At this school however, I gave three different presentations. This is the one that I gave to the older kids.

As at both International College Hong Kong and Creative Secondary School, I spoke about how and why I achieved academic, personal and professional success in spite of the circumstances and context of my birth, and in the process how I learned a great deal about our world, the people of the world, life and my own self.

I also go into the details of what I believe in, what I am doing and why I do them, and round it off by describing what I hope children like them do with their lives.

Enjoy and do share below what you believe in!

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